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Über Legend of the Green Dragon

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Legend of the Green Dragon
By Eric Stevens

LoGD version 0.9.7+jt ext (GER)
MightyE tells you, "
Legend of the Green Dragon is my remake of the classic BBS Door game, Legend of the Red Dragon (aka LoRD) by Seth Able Robinson.

"LoRD is now owned by Gameport (, and they retain exclusive rights to the LoRD name and game. That's why all content in Legend of the Green Dragon is new, with only a very few nods to the original game, such as the buxom barmaid, Violet, and the handsome bard, Seth.

"Although serious effort was made to preserve the original feel of the game, numerous departures were taken from the original game to enhance playability, and to adapt it to the web.

"LoGD is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which essentially means that the source code to the game, and all derivatives of the game must remain open and available upon request.

"You can download the latest version of LoGD at and you can play the latest version at

"LoGD is programmed in PHP with a MySQL backend. It is known to run on Windows and Linux with appropriate setups. Most code has been written by Eric Stevens, with some pieces by other authors (denoted in source at these locations), and the code has been released under the GNU General Public License. Users of the source are bound to the terms therein."

"Users of the source are free to view and modify the source, but original copyright information, and original text from the about page must be preserved, though they may be added to."

"I hope you enjoy the game!"

Der Community
You can get this german version including all mods, hacks and addons here.
Visit DragonPrime for more mods!

Ein dickes Danke an MightyE -anpera-


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Copyright 2002-2003, Game: Eric Stevens
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